The Arthur N. Rupe Foundation exists because it wishes to bring about an improvement in society, to be a positive influence on American life. In the founder’s words, the foundation “aims to improve education at all levels, support authentic debate where all aspects of issues are revealed in a balanced exploration of the facts, and support research and scholarly studies that can achieve broad public dissemination.” Currently the foundation fulfills its mission through grantmaking in the following areas:

Caregiver Training
As our population ages, there is a continued critical need for frontline caregivers in the healthcare system. Prompted by the founder’s experience in finding qualified, compassionate assistance for a loved one, the Arthur N. Rupe Foundation provides scholarships and program support for the vocational training of Certified Nursing Assistants and Home Health Aides at community colleges throughout California.

The Arthur N. Rupe Foundation supports numerous projects that advance civil and reasoned public debate at the high school, university and civic level. ANRF sponsored debates are non-partisan and accessible to a general audience, with the intention of educating and exposing audiences to all sides of a particular social issue. It is the foundation’s hope to increase the number of Americans actively involved in debate, as it forms the cornerstone of an informed electorate in a free society.

Public Policy
The foundation supports various national and state-based think tanks, as well as other freedom-oriented organizations whose scholars produce vital research that will affect public policy and reach a broad and influential audience. In addition, ANRF provides support to public interest law firms that defend core Constitutional principles and adjudicate societal issues consistent with its mission.